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Oxford Kitchen Designers

Swedemade offer a bespoke kitchen design services using a wide range of fitted kitchens from the classic timber kitchens, painted kitchens to modern contemporary styles. The same team will help you design the kitchen you are looking for, install your kitchen  and if needed extend your home if you need a larger space.

Swedemade focus on providing premium kitchens to the public in a unique way. With so many manufacturers, suppliers and fitters in the market offering kitchens it is difficult to know where the best option lies. We pride ourselves on our personable unpressured sales, our creative design ideas and an uncompromising eye for detail and accuracy. The same team will help you design the kitchen you are looking for, prepare and if needed improve the space you need with a home extension.

Classic and painted kitchensModern Kitchens

Kitchen Design

The design of your kitchen has a really impact the day to day living works in your home. Our experienced designers will understand the fundamentals of what you and your family want to achieve with your kitchen and bring new and alternative ideas to the table.

Often clients are looking for more space within the home and need to extend the property to get “that kitchen”. Swedemade offer additional design and build services to give you the extension to house your fab new kitchen.

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